The Midwest BDC convenes a number of informal, early working groups to address near-term opportunities for engagement on building decarbonization work as well as to create a space for industry collaboration.


Develops outreach, engagement, and accountability strategies for equitable coalition building.


Develops structures and processes to guide leadership and operation of the Coalition.

Affordable Housing/QAP

Works to dramatically improve state rules for federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) to incentivize carbon-free and/or passive building design.


Identifies and strategizes key policy opportunities to ensure healthy buildings for all.

Building Codes

Establishes strong base code updates and stretch code efforts.

Nicor Gas Pipeline Opposition

Advances alternatives to the proposed Nicor gas pipeline to Pembroke, IL.

Midwest District Energy Collaborative

Works to identify deep decarbonization “Community Heat Pump” pilot projects as well as engagement opportunities with industry participants/system developers and customers.

Residential Space Heating/All-Electric New Construction

Collaborates to accelerate utility market transformation programs for heat pumps and all-electric new construction.   

Midwest Advanced Water Heating Initiative

A project of the New Buildings Institute, working to equitably accelerate the adoption of heat pump water heaters in the Midwest.

Michigan Building Decarbonization Campaign

Rapidly driving down carbon emissions from Michigan buildings while advancing equitable job opportunities, health benefits, and energy savings.